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TJR Investments helps all of our investors feel the power of passive real estate investing by providing them with the multifamily investments that can help them achieve financial freedom and live a life of luxury. Our mission is to make investing as simple as it can be while still educating our investors so that they are able to make the best investments possible in order to live life on their own terms.
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At TJR investments we work hard to find the best multifamily real estate deals out there. That means we look for conservative, low-risk investments with high value-add potential, so we can preserve your capital while maximizing your growth. Doing this along with looking for opportunities in the right location help maximize your profits all year round.

why invest in multifamily properties?

Investing in multifamily real estate has so many benefits, here are just a few...

passive income

As things constantly change in this world, one thing remains the sameā€¦ rent needs to be paid. Earn passive income from the profits of your chosen investment.

tax advantages

There are many write offs that are possible, which then cause your profits to increase as things such as mortgage interest and property tax can be written off.


We always find ways to increase revenue with all of our investments either through rent increases, renovations, or added amenities. Make money from appreciation as the property value increases.

recent multifamily investments

Take a look at just a few of our recent multifamily investments. For any questions please contact us directly.


Taylor Ave Student Housing

Scranton, PA

Student Housing
Scranton, PA
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Autumn Sunrise

Corpus Christi, TX

Value Add
Corpus Christi, TX
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